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Hello there, welcome to The Cycle Touring Review!

Ready to Roll 2 300x243 Hello there, welcome to The Cycle Touring Review!

Us leaving London... we're slimmer now... honest

We are Phil and Kat, two people who, (as you may have guessed from the site) love cycle touring. We are currently riding a winding, roundabout route from London to Australia; taking in as much interesting stuff as we can along the way.

We built this site to share our experiences with you all and hopefully to provide some useful information to other cycle tourists out there. So why not check the updates page for our latest posts; read reviews of our gear; take a gander at photos from our trip or just have a laugh at some of the oddities we’ve encountered along the way.

The site is a work in progress and we’ll update as often as we can while we’re on the road, any suggestions or comments are more than welcome. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.