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Romanian Hospitality

Home made Romania Food

So there we were, fresh in Romania and in a town looking for somewhere to stay; after some speculation, pointing and stroking of chins by the locals it became evident that there was in fact nowhere… and it had been a long sweaty day and we were both in need of a shower and not

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Hungary – Land of Thermal Baths & Chimney Cake

Thermal Spa Action

Once again, each time you enter a new country, everything feels that little more “east”. This time we were greeted by mushroom pickers in the forest and men cutting the grass on the side of the road using scythes and their mode of transport – a bicycle. There’s lots of old people cycling about town

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Lake Balaton is a Shitpile

Lake View

“Oh, 200 km of cycle path? Round a lake? With frequent camp sites? Brilliant!” You say, as visions of flat fast cycling, uninterrupted by traffic, with beautiful lake views fill your head.

How wrong you are. Lake Balaton in Hungary is rubbish. In fact I’m so pissed off with Lake Balaton that I can only

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Slovenia – A Cycle Tourists Paradise

Slovenian Mountains

We loved Slovenia, a little green gem on the edge of Western Europe that felt more civilised and developed than some of its larger neighbours; the people super friendly and the cycling is great, (aside from a few cycle path niggles). It’s also worth noting that if you’re not a heavy mileage cyclist the obvious

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Italy – The Dolomites vs The Pyrenees


Comparing these two mountainous regions in two of Europe’s biggest and most alluring cycle touring destinations is difficult so we’ve broken it down into several categories and within each picked our personal favourite.


This is probably the most difficult category to judge as both regions are stunning as you can see from these pictures:

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