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Specialized BG Pro Glove Review

Specialized BG Pro Glove

RRP: £23.33

Available from:

Evans Cycles

Rating: 8/10

After having tried and not gotten on with the Castelli Mitts I decided to spring for a new pair of gloved in Istanbul, (having found the one shop that stocked decent equipment – all Specialized branded, but decent non-the-less); I’ve always gotten on with

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Castelli S. Uno Glove Review

Castelli S. Uno Glove

RRP: £22.00

Available from:


Rating: 3/10

Castelli have a reputation for quality cycling gear so there wasn’t much hesitation when buying these to replace my worn out Gore Retrotech Mitts (which were excellent by the way… they just had their time… also I don’t think leather is an appropriate material for

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Cappadocia, Nice and Nasty

Cappadocia Cave Houses

So yeah, Cappadocia, I’m in two minds about the place, so in honour of that this update will give my two very polar viewpoints.


It’s stunning; the scenery, the cave houses, the arid landscape, even watching the 50+ balloons float over the landscape early in the morning; it’s really hard to fault the place

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Need Somewhere to Camp in Turkey… Ask the Forestry Commission

Turkey Forestry Comission

You know the drill; getting late, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, need somewhere to camp? Well in Turkey most people will help to find you a place to stay, the Turks are cool like that; but you can also ask the very people out to bust you for wild camping… the forestry commission! Have

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24, (ish) Hours in Ankara

Bear Mace

So an unexpected diversion to a city we never intended to visit, thanks to some Turkish sweets and a loose crown on my tooth; basically snacking and the bloody thing came off… dentist, (decent dentist) now urgently required and after a brief check on the net/our guidebook it quickly became clear that Ankara was the

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The Road to Istanbul – Cycle Tourist Central

Istanbul Dusk Skyline

So, we decided to cross the border into Turkey at Malko Tarnavo, (surprisingly pleasant little border town) which is mostly used by tourists coming from Burgas (be warned though, during summer this road becomes some nightmare hell-world of flies!). We cycled into town early and stumbled across a group of seven cycle tourists including 2

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Cycling Into and Out of Istanbul by Bicycle

The new 020 dual carriageway

The problem of entering Istanbul is infamous with many cycle tourists and if you do a quick search on the net, there is quite a lot written about it. Many will insist that the 100 road from Erdine is good, although equally as many will insist on coming from the north or catching a ferry

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Bulgaria – Beware Being Robbed by Gypsies

Bulgaria Monment

In the weeks leading up to entering Bulgaria, we were continually warned by Hungarian’s and Romanian’s that we would be attacked and robbed by locals and gypsies. Either we were very lucky to escape with all our belongings intact or it’s a load of crap. We are going with the latter. Although the people of

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A Taste of Rural Romania & The Danube

Dirt track

We spent 6 days cycling through Romania from Hungary to Bulgaria, mostly along the Danube and through industrial towns or peasant villages. We met Dutch cyclist Moshe along the way and cycled with him for about a week. There was not much stunning scenery in this part of Romania, but the people were amazing…


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