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Movember In Iran – Day 0

MOVEMBER Sheild2011

So it’s that time of year again – no longer will my face be adorned by a simple mass of stubble but a majestic Mo, as befits a Gentleman Explorer such as myself.


The only, (and admittedly rather significant) twist this year is that I’ll be sporting my ruggedly groomed

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Inappropriate Iranian Child Ho Cake

Sick Cake Packet Close Up

Yet another example of sick inappropriate products from around the world – this time it’s Iran’s turn.

Sick Cake Packet

What the fuck is wrong with the person that commissioned this packet?

"No, Tammy you stupid bitch – I said MORE lipstick!"

Let alone the obviously inexcusably disturbed photographer,

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Winter is Coming

Water World Hamedan

So we are in Hamedan, staying with a wonderful family who have put us up for a few nights and been kind enough to show us around the sights of the city, teach us a bit more about Iranian culture and fill us to the eyeballs with delicious food (post on that to come).


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Ortlieb Waterproof Back Roller and Front Roller Plus Review

Ortlieb Front Rollers

RRP Back Roller Plus : £104

RRP Fontroller Plus : £79

Available from:

• Wiggle, (Back / Front)

• Amazon, (Back / Front)

Rating: 8/10

Actually I feel a bit silly reviewing this cycle torturing stalwart – if you’ve looked into your gear at all then no doubt your aware of

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Sporadic Updates – Iran

Bloody FarmVille

Just a quick one. Due to the sporadic, spotty and slow internet access in Iran, updates for the next months or so may come in chunks, or potentially not at all until we leave.

Also for anyone trying to get us on Facebook, you can’t until we leave… it’s banned here. I blame FarmVille… fucking

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Erzurum to the Iranian Border

Mosque Pattern

So, Iranian Visas in hand, we set off from Erzurum; after a slightly longer stay than expected, (due to us both coming down with a nasty little stomach bug) we were pretty glad to be hitting the road and excited at the prospect of landing in Iran in a few days’ time.

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Savage Dogs and Stone Throwing Kids in Turkey

Wild Puppy Attack

So you’re planning you’re cycle touring route through Turkey, (or maybe you’re already there) and have heard, (as we had) the horror stories of stone throwing little brats all over the place and savage hounds of hell leaping out from every bush to give you rabies?

Well there’s good news and bad. The bad news

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Best Mo Ever

Best Mo Ever

I don’t just like to think that this man has the best Mo ever – I like to think he appears everywhere in the world whenever there IS A MO!

Awesome… just… awesome

It’s so awesome it’s TIED BEHIND HIS HEAD, by the way.

Not only does he have the best Mo,

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Primus OmniFuel Stove Review

The Primus OmniFuel in Action

RRP: £145

Available From:

Cotswold Outdoor


Rating: 9/10

Whether or not you need a stove like the Primus Omni Fuel will depend a lot on two things, 1) what your trip looks like and 2) how much you like to cook.

The Primus OmniFuel in Action

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Carving a Path Through Central Turkey

More Hills

Cappadocia to Erzurum in 8 days…

Day 1: Goreme to Kayseri 73km

Phil finally dragged me away from Cappadocia. It was mainly our cosy campsite at Kaya Camping I was attached to. We opted to leave via the main road towards Kayseri via Aksalur to the route 805 and 260, rather than the hill option

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