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Out of Iran – Movember Day 29

Kathmandu Rooftop Posing

So our Iranian odyssey finally draws to a close; after a sprint to the Persian Gulf with 3 other cycle tourists; getting the news that the ferry from of Banar-e-Lengeh was cancelled, (oh course it was going to be – and to think, for a second there I thought it would be easy) and having

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The Unglamorous Side of Cycle Touring


Now I know what you’re thinking, cycle touring is all champagne parties on yachts; eating caviar with dignitaries while watching an artificial sunset created especially for you by setting aflame 10,000 flammable eagles; and good naturedly high fiving Lance Armstrong after beating him in a race up Mont Ventoux while simultaneously saving Natalie Portman from

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Shiraz – Weird and a Bit Rubbish Actually

Moronic Posing

Firstly, I’m not talking about Persepolis or the other sights surrounding Shiraz… they were really good! I’ve not got the world’s greatest love for ruins and the like, (I much prefer natural beauty) but this was really well preserved, informative and interesting. Also as it was off season we scored a swanky cabin at the

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11 Things You Never Thought You Needed on a Bike Tour

Hand Brake

This post is dedicated to those little bits of kit which you wouldn’t immediately consider when writing up your cycle tour packing list, but nonetheless can make themselves invaluable on a long tour. And long tours are really what we are talking about here; most of this stuff you wouldn’t bother with for a fast

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Standoff with the Police in Iran

Fake Police Car

So there we were, cycling along minding our own business on a road between Takeb and Bijar in Iran when 3 guys in a white pickup truck, parked at the side of the road, wave us over. Nothing unusual about that, we get people stopping to wave us over all the time in Iran, either

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Bike Shop Near Yazd, Iran

Yaghob with his steed

Bit of info for anyone cycle tourers in need of any spares and service near Yadz, (you’ll be going that way… everyone does!).

While spending time in the city we met up with Yaghob, a champion mountain bike, (and road) rider in Iran… and a thoroughly nice guy to boot! It was great, to spend

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Outdoor Grooming. Movember – Day 11

Desert Shave

So a couple of days after leaving Yazd, (including one where we only managed to cover 25km before being taken home by an Iranian mountain bike champion!) and I’m in desperate need of a shave… unruly stubble is beginning to encroach on my Mo.

But being a well prepared Gentleman Explorer I had all the

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Manly Iranian Workout Action

Best Mural Ever

This is brilliant – so brilliant that it’s my new favourite sport/activity/’goings on’; Triathlon is for suckers, what you need is to flail around with two massive wooded clubs! Check out this little video we made.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, there is spinning about, jumping, using what look like wooden car

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Iranian Copyright Infringement Awesomeness

Fake Brooks Saddle

So yeah, Iran doesn’t give a shit about international copyright law or IP… they will straight up use, abuse and mutilate any logo or character they feel like. I realise that this isn’t unique to Iran, but I did seem some awesome examples here… including some quite relevant bike related ones. Enjoy!

Esfahan had some

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The Pool – Swimming in Iran

Phil Swimming

While in Hamedan the family we were staying with offered to take me, (not Kat… forbidden) to the local pool for a swim – “great” I thought, haven’t had a chance to get in any swim training, (although training is a strong word for what I’ve been doing on tour) for a while. Turns out,

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