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Open Defication Free District

Open Defication Free Zone

Er… that’s good to know. Thanks Nepal!

So… I assume the other districts are fair game?

Iranian Copyright Infringement Awesomeness

Fake Brooks Saddle

So yeah, Iran doesn’t give a shit about international copyright law or IP… they will straight up use, abuse and mutilate any logo or character they feel like. I realise that this isn’t unique to Iran, but I did seem some awesome examples here… including some quite relevant bike related ones. Enjoy!

Esfahan had some

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Inappropriate Iranian Child Ho Cake

Sick Cake Packet Close Up

Yet another example of sick inappropriate products from around the world – this time it’s Iran’s turn.

Sick Cake Packet

What the fuck is wrong with the person that commissioned this packet?

"No, Tammy you stupid bitch – I said MORE lipstick!"

Let alone the obviously inexcusably disturbed photographer,

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Best Mo Ever

Best Mo Ever

I don’t just like to think that this man has the best Mo ever – I like to think he appears everywhere in the world whenever there IS A MO!

Awesome… just… awesome

It’s so awesome it’s TIED BEHIND HIS HEAD, by the way.

Not only does he have the best Mo,

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The Forest Bees

Forest Bees Again

We all know that when your travelling in foreign lands you come across some weird and amusing stuff; badly translated signs, inappropriately named products, etc. But this is the most creepy, wrong, sick thing I’ve seen in a good while.

At first it’s looks like a fairly standard nonsensical pack of kids gummy bear style

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