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Out of Iran – Movember Day 29

So our Iranian odyssey finally draws to a close; after a sprint to the Persian Gulf with 3 other cycle tourists; getting the news that the ferry from of Banar-e-Lengeh was cancelled, (oh course it was going to be – and to think, for a second there I thought it would be easy) and having to hotfoot it to another port (Bandar Abbas) for a much longer and more inconvenient ferry; we finally made it to Dubai.

We’ll put our thoughts on Iran down on paper in more detail in the country summary but suffice it to say for now that Iran is one of the more interesting, maddening, friendly, exhausting, wonderful, stupid, beautiful, repressed and heart-warming countries we’ve visited. But we are very ready to leave for adventures new!

After a couple of not so chilled days in Dubai trying to get bike boxes for the flight, post stuff home etc, (many, many thanks to Mo and Anna for hosting us and helping so much… you guys are awesome!) we caught a flight and are now in Kathmandu preparing so get rolling again.

Oh, also the Mo is coming along nicely too! Check it.

Kathmandu Rooftop Posing

Kathmandu Rooftop Posing

Remember to donate on my Mo Space! Prostate cancer really is a shit.

3 comments to Out of Iran – Movember Day 29

  • your mustache rules ;)

  • Mark

    Recently found your blog and am enjoying reading through it. Just wanted to say that the Mo will go down well in Nepal. If you are going to India later, you MUST travel with a Mo. It’s the rules, and Indians will love you for it. Just be careful when you go for your 50 rupee trim that they don’t cut it short. They will attempt this in the south of Inida especially.

  • Phil

    Cheers, Mark! People did seem to respond to the Mo in Nepal – unfortunately we’ll only be in Sydney for Movember this year – a little less exciting, mo wise.

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