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Camp Site Woes along Spain’s North East Coast

I’ll be straight with you, we are not fans of the coast… pretty much anywhere, (for me, probably a hangover form growing up in a coastal town); we aren’t the sort to lay about on the beach, they are usually full of other tourists and expensive.

Despite this we chose the coastal road as our route from the end of our Pyrenean adventure in France, to a city visit to Barcelona, (the other routes were more hilly and after the mountains we fancied a break from climbing).

The coastal road itself was actually very nice, with some great views and considerate Spanish drivers, (I know, we were surprised too).

Spanish Costal View

Spanish Costal View

The only thing I’d fault Spanish drivers for is there complete and consistent lack of ability to use a roundabout properly!); although I would say many of the ‘towns’ (read, collections of holiday apartments) at best lack any real charm; and at worst resemble some of the ‘boys on tour’ larger swilling destinations on the Costa Brava which was a world apart, I was sure a portal to an alternate dimension entirely inhabited by wankers had opened up. Also many road cyclists seem to use this route, (so it’s got to be alright) and they were always heart-warmingly quick with a wave and shouts of “vamos, vamos!” (much more friendly than French cyclists… who were still very friendly!).

The real downside to this route is the camping options – campsites along the route are all massive ‘family’ complexes with pools, activity centres, bars, shops, waterslides and beach access… with prices to match – we were consistently quoted between €30 – €45 per night, (we were just getting into the season so I’m sure if you go at a less popular time of year it would be cheaper). These places are of course completely over the top, as after a hard day in the saddle you don’t often want to make use of the facilities and all you really get for the extra cash is a bunch of screaming kids and fat people in swimwear. Wild camping is also problematic along this route as either side of the road is generally steep, either leading down to the sea or further up a hill. You can barter down the prices at some of their campsites but they are often set and as they are so large and busy the person behind the counter, (never usually the owner) has little interest in giving you a discount. This all adds up to a pretty grim camping situation along the way.

Spanish Camping

Actually this one was one of the better ones… sorry, didn’t have any pictures of the horror

Our advice, unless you’re a beach lover – take the hills or better yet, go in low season.

2 comments to Camp Site Woes along Spain’s North East Coast

  • Matt

    Good review, except the tittle. It should say Spain’s North East Coast, instead of North West.
    I was born and live in the Spain’s North West Coast and it’s totally different. Nice small villages, less tourism, fantastic food… and also very rainy.

  • Phil

    Dang – thanks for the spot on that typo, Matt… bit of a brain failure there on my part.

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