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Castelli S. Uno Glove Review

RRP: £22.00

Available from:

• Wiggle

Rating: 3/10

Castelli have a reputation for quality cycling gear so there wasn’t much hesitation when buying these to replace my worn out Gore Retrotech Mitts (which were excellent by the way… they just had their time… also I don’t think leather is an appropriate material for gloves and touring, but that’s another post); Plus I was in Italy… so when in Rome!

However, I was soon to be disappointed; firstly, I found the padding insufficient for all day touring, I know, I know… less padding better road feel etc, etc – but the bottom line is that after a couple of hours with these gloves I’d start to get numb hands, which I’d never get with the gore gloves.

Castelli S. Uno Glove

Castelli Fail

Secondly, durability – the reflective lettering started to flake off after a couple of hundred miles, which is pretty shoddy if you ask me; also don’t choose white! This was my fault, (there were some black ones in the store) but white shows up the grime very quickly. The snot wipe was also a little small for my liking and being a kind of suede didn’t work as well as the terry cloth types.

Castelli Lettering Fail

Castelli Lettering Fail

The one thing they did do well was breath, having an all mesh back they worked well in the heat, (for the back of my hands); However, I did find my palms got sweatier that with the gore gloves.

So in summary, a pretty pair of mitts that didn’t live up to the brands reputation… shame. I’ve since bought a pair of Specalized BG Pro gloves and so far so good – you can read the review by following the link but I’ve only had them for a few hundred miles so the jury is still out on durability.


• Stylish

• Breathable


• Padding, (for long distance riding)

• Durability

• Small Snot Wipe


• Ultrasuede® palm with foam insert padding

• Reflective Castelli logo

• Micromesh fabric on back of hand

• Easy-off pull tab

• Closure at wrist with Magic Velcro

• Debossed microsuede sweat wipe.

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