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Ecyclingstore Cycling Jersey Review

RRP: £54

Available From:

Rating: 7/10

*Disclosure* I was contacted by Ecyclingstore and asked if I’d like to review one of their jerseys… seeing as reviewing is a kind of what we do here, I didn’t see why not! I am getting to keep the jersey, (because, hey, free jersey) but rest assured – as with all the reviews of gear we’ve paid for out of our own hard earned cash, it will be impartial and objective. Anyway, with that out the way…

Cycling jerseys for bike touring are a weird one; on the one hand they are made for, y’know, cycling – so should be perfect, (for ‘sports’ riding I’d wear one every time); but on the other, in countries where ‘sports cycling’ isn’t a ‘thing’ they can make you stick out like even more of a sore thumb than you already do. Also, after a while synthetic fibres really do start to smell a bit and materials like merino wool can be better for day on day ware. So in my estimation, better saved for Europe, etc… less good in rural Asia.

But the pros and cons of “actual cycling tops” for touring aside, how does the Ecyclingstore stack up?

The Goods

The top I got was pretty stylish in a retro sort of way – in fact the MO of the site seem to be to provide a massive choice of tops that would be difficult to find elsewhere. So if you NEED something to match your steed then it could be just the ticket.

Jersey fit

After a couple of uses the wicking properties of the top seem to be on a par with other standard cycling jerseys I’ve worn; no issues there. The flatlock seems, and I guess the overall comfort of the top seem absolutely fine.

The Bads

Only a couple of issues with the top really, firstly the loose fitting arms.

Jersey Arms

Now, I’m no noodle armed weakling, so this does seem a little odd – perhaps this is how “retro” tops are supposed to fit”. Not ideal in my opinion though.
Also, compared to other Jerseys I own I wouldn’t say this one boasts as many features; secure pockets, pump slips, reflective piping, etc. But if all you’re after is a basic training top then I guess that’s OK.


A nice looking jersey that is more than up to the task of touring/basic training… although if you’re looking for something more feature packed it may not be ideal.

• Good Looking
• Cheap

• Bunching Around the Arms
• Lack of “pro” features

• 100% DrySport Polyester Wicking Fabric
• 15″ Hidden Zipper
• High-tech Heat Sublimation Printing
• Elastic Waist and Cuffs
• Cycling Cut
• Three Back Pockets

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