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Gore Bike Wear Retro Tech Leather Gloves/Mitts Review

RRP: £29.99

I love the stuff from Gore, to say their kit works well is a bit of an understatement but they are not usually known for their great styling; functional and simple – yes; going to get you noticed on a club ride… maybe not; but these gloves are the exception that proves the rule.

The Gore Retro Tech ii short finger gloves are a perfect marriage of Gore functionality and great styling. But to look at the old-school

Gore Bike Wear Retro Tech Leather Gloves

Gore Bike Wear Retro Tech Leather Gloves

knuckle holes you wouldn’t think theses babies contained the level of tech they do; great thin unobtrusive padding on the palms and a big towing section to wipe your nose with are some of the first things you’ll notice, (obviously after the great looking white leather – you could get more functional black but I don’t think they look nearly as good) the reflectors on the fingers are a nice touch too. I’m in two minds on the ‘removal loops’, they do make getting the gloves off a lot simpler and you don’t notice they are there once on, but they do spoil the look a tad… (only a tad, mind – and you can always take some scissors to them if they bother you).

Sung fit, although being real leather they will tend to stretch out a little after a while; they have stood up well for long rides, commuting, racing… high quality gloves and well worth the few extra pennies over some cheap models.

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  • Great Styling
  • Comfortable
  • Durable


  • Removal hoops, (TBH – I’m still undecided on these)

Rating: 9/10

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  • Foam padding on palm for best impact protection
  • Terry insert on thumb for wiping away perspiration
  • Ventilation holes on finger insides for better ventilation
  • Loops for easier removal
  • Velcro width adjustment at wrist
  • Reflectors on fingers

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