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Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HP Pump Review

RRP: £39.99

Available From:

• Amazon

Wiggle, (updated version)

Rating: 6/10

Choosing a pump for your tour can be a tricky one, you want something not too heavy, that’s built like a rock so it won’t fail on you and also, importantly, something that won’t take forever to get your tires up to pressure. As with all our gear, we did a fair bit of research and opted for the Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HP; here’s how we got on with it.

Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HP

Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HP

The Good

The main advantage this pump has over smaller ‘micro pump’ alternatives is its ability to get your tires up to the required pressure, (which can be high… got the tires on my road bike at home up to 130psi with no issue) with far less strokes; and because it’s essentially a mini track pump and you can use the ground as a counter making for less exertion, the foot stand is ok but could possibly feel a little sturdier, (but of course this would add more weight). The pressure gauge on the hose is also a must have feature for us, as it take any guess work out of getting the correct PSI on the road side.

Lezyne Pressure Gauge

Lezyne Pressure Gauge

The ability to cope with both presta and schrader valves is also nice; you may only have the one type on your tour but you can be safe in the knowledge that if you decide to alter your set up for the next tour, (or you have to buy an emergency wheel with a different valve) you won’t need a new pump.

Despite being relatively large this pump won’t break the bank weigh wise at 174g and is slender enough to slip down the back of an Ortlieb Front Roller without causing a fuss; we also like the way the hose folds round and screws in securely. It’s also made from machined aluminium, looks pretty sleek and, (with the new bracket… see below) seems very robust.

The Bad

Before we had set off on our tour, (lucky it did happen then!) the pump failed on us! One of the plastic brackets around the nozzle broke after minimal use, to their credit Lezyne were very quick about sending out a replacement, which had a metal bracket instead of the plastic one. This must have been a recognised design flaw as the exact same thing happened to a couple we met and I have since seen the pump in bike shops with the metal bracket.

Lezyne Bracket

Lezyne Bracket

A pretty annoying fault with this pump is the fact that a notable number of times when unscrewing from the inner tube after inflation it took the valve with it, right out of the housing! The valve can be screwed back in more tightly, (I used my Leatherman) and there was no repeat, but nevertheless this was annoying to say the least, (punctures are irksome at the best of times without something else compounding the problem) and not something I’ve experienced with other pumps. And before you ask, no, we weren’t screwing it on to tightly.

Minor gripes include the fact that the nozzle started to get a bit stiff and the brackets stuck against each other when trying to unscrew from the base or screw into or out of a valve, a bit of oil solved this problem though. Also the pressure gauge doesn’t increase smoothly, but tends to ‘stick’ then jump after 10+ more strokes; meaning you could overinflate. This is not likely to be catastrophic but means you might have to have to let a little air out when you’re done.


• Gets tires up to pressure quickly

• Presta and Schrader compatible

• Pressure gauge is a nice feature

• Not too heavy

• With new replacement part, (see above) it seems robust


• Nozzle was a bit stiff until oiled

• Plastic part broke, (but they replaced quickly with metal version)

• Kept unscrewing valves on our inner tubes

• Foot platform seems a little flimsy

• Pressure gauge works in ‘jumps’


• CNC machined aluminium construction

• Ergonomic, CNC-machined aluminium handle

• Lezyne Flip-Thread chuck threads directly onto Presta and Schrader valves

• Oversized piston; 3mm diameter stainless steel wire foot peg

• High pressure, road-specific design, 160 psi max

• Weight – 174 g

• Diameter – 22.5mm

• Length – 300mm

• Comes with or without Pressure Gauge

Lezyne Logo

Lezyne Logo


Not a bad pump to take on tour and it has not, (seriously) let us down yet; but considering the problems we’ve had with it I’d probably spring for something else next time. If anyone else has had experiences with similar products or has any recommendations please do comment.

3 comments to Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HP Pump Review

  • marty

    I had the exact same pump for our worldy tour, thinking it would go the distance. The same plastic clip split on mine too after minimal use. Thankfully I got a flat in a city, but as nobody stocked Lezyne pumps I just had to buy a new one. Carried the broken one another 1500k’s then decided this is shit and binned it. Glad they’ve fixed the problem though.

    Would I buy another one… probably not. But I did like the foot jigga and the flexy hose

  • Phil

    Yep, seems to be a common complaint with this one! It does work a lot better with the metal clip though.

  • Stephen

    Had exactly the same problems. Being in New Zealand was supplied with a new hose which was longer than the original. Now too long to stretch over the handle. Tried to sort it out but was wasting my time. Also find the gauge a little hard to read.

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