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Specialized BG Pro Glove Review

RRP: £23.33

Available from:

Evans Cycles

Rating: 8/10

After having tried and not gotten on with the Castelli Mitts I decided to spring for a new pair of gloved in Istanbul, (having found the one shop that stocked decent equipment – all Specialized branded, but decent non-the-less); I’ve always gotten on with the Specialized BG stuff, I have a pair of Trivent Triathlon Shoes which I love and I even fixed the discomfort in my Shimano Touring shoes by adding Specialized BG Footbeds; so I thought, let’s give the gloves a go.

Specialized BG Pro Glove

Specialized BG Pro Glove

Firstly, I like the look of them, (always important with gear) nice, understated and most importantly not white, (gets filthy looking when touring). Secondly and most importantly was the padding, it seemed substantial where required, under the heel of the palm to protect the Ulnar Nerve, but not as heavy elsewhere so as not to deaden road feel; now I know gel padding always causes arguments amongst cyclists, some people swear by it, others think the gel degrades too fast, having not owned gel gloves before I thought I’d give them a try and make my own mind up… I’ll post about the longevity of the padding once I’ve put a few thousand kilometres into them. I must say so far so good with the padding, no numbness but you can still feel the road… so a win!

Specialized BG Pro Palm Padding

Specialized BG Pro Palm Padding

In terms of comfort they fit well, like all gloves sizing is a personal thing so I’d recommend trying some on before taking the plunge but I’m normally an XL and the XLs fit me… er… like a glove. The dimpling on the inside under the heal tool a little getting used to, (it’s there to prevent slipping within the glove I think) but now I don’t even notice it. They also have good mesh on the back and some venting for the palm so they don’t feel sweaty even on a hot day. The lack of a closing velcro also adds to the comfort as you don’t have that extra bulk near your wrists.

The only negative I can say about these at the moment is the lack of tabs or loops to help pull the gloves off… not a major problem, but hey, there it is.


• Stylish

• Good Gel Padding

• Comfortable

• Breathable


• Bit Hard to Pull Off


• Airmesh and soft Micromatrix synthetic leather palm is vented to reduce moisture on gripping surfaces

• BG Gel pad reduces hand numbness by relieving pressure on the sensitive ulnar nerve / Minimal padding for exceptional precision and control

• Slip-on wrist cuff fits perfectly without inhibiting movement

• Soft Microwipe thumb for wiping away sweat

So In conclusion a great pair of gloves, but I’ll update this review after putting some more miles into them.


4 comments to Specialized BG Pro Glove Review

  • pelle


    at what store in Istanbul did you buy the gloves?


  • Phil

    Hey Pelle,

    It was this place:

    Aktif Pedal
    Ayazmadere Cad. No. 26
    Gayreteppe, İSTANBUL

    They sell decent gear – but I wouldn’t get a bike service does there – that was shocking!

  • Marc

    I’d be interested to know how well they’ve lasted after some mileage. I returned my pair after the padding compressed flat after only four days of touring and they were failing to give any protection.

  • Phil

    My ones held up great – but I was fully expecting the gel to go a little ‘flat’… I still use them for a bit of MTB action even after a good few KMs in them.

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