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SwissStop Green Break Pad Review

RRP: £24.99

Available From:


Rating: 10/10

They are quite simply made of Jesus hair and dragon eyes. Go and buy them… what are you still doing here reading this crappy site when you could be buying them? You’re still reading aren’t you? *sigh* Fine – you need more convincing then; but you’re going to feel pretty stupid when you look at you’re brake pads that are still good after 10,000 km, (including 32 cols in the Pyrenees) and think, “bloody hell, Phil was right, and to think I wasted precious seconds reading the rest of that stupid review”.

SwissStop Green Setup

Sorry, I know the bike is filthy... it'd been a long wet day

The Set Up, (The bit’s that matter anyway)

• SwissStop Green Break Pads

• Avid Shorty 6 Break Shoes

• Avid Shorty 6 Cantilever Breaks

• DT Swiss TK 7.1 Rims

The Performance

Well, quite simply they are the best brake pads I’ve used, (that goes for my road bike as well where I had Dura Ace) excellent stopping performance, (even in the wet); no break squeal, (they are toed in properly but this can still be a problem for some people with cantilevers); great for rim wear, (my DT Swiss still look new) and the last an age – like I said above they have been on my bike for over 10,000 km, taking me safely over the Pyrenees, the Dolomites and countless other hills and judging by the wear on them I still think they’ve got a good 2/3k left in them… maybe more. Kat’s Shimano XT pads got killed in the mountains but since fitting the SwissStop, no problems.

There’s really not much more to say about brake pads is there; and I really can’t think of any negatives… er… they are green; if you don’t like green that could be a problem. They are not expensive at all considering the use you get from them, (cheaper pads would need replacing much more quickly).


• Excellent Stopping Power

• Kind to Rims

• Last Ages


• You still haven’t bought them yet have you! Go now!


• Top performance on dry rims and even better performance on wet rims

• Complete absence of abrasive materials which could damage rims

• Compatibility with all rim materials with no danger of damaging the rim through using the wrong pad

• Consistent braking power from -20C to +40C

• Silent Operation

• Pad is Dark Green

• Ideal for Alloy Rims

1 comment to SwissStop Green Break Pad Review

  • Si

    Yep they are fantastic. They last a long time, stop the horrible black gunk in wet/winter, they are kind to rims and they work well wet or dry. I used them on my road bike and my brompton. One of the few cycle products that is worth more than their price!

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