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Our Gear

“What have you got in your bags?” The age old question cycle tourists love to ask each other – so to make it easier for anyone who’s curious we’ve compiled a pretty comprehensive list of what we’ve got in our panniers, broken into helpful categories… aren’t we nice.

Bag Service

Our bags at a not so posh, 'posh hotel' in Bulgaria

There are of course items that are more transitory, (for instance, in Turkey I carry a Jezzah to make Turkish coffee in the morning… I know, the Turks drink it in the evening, but that’s not how I roll) that we pick up, discard, send home, etc. These are not included in the list, it more represents our ‘base gear’ which doesn’t change much.

Where we have reviewed items we’ve also linked the bullet point to the review page; this will continue to be updated as we get time to review more of our stuff!

Just click the categories below to expand.

Bike Stuff

Condor Heritage (Phil)

Surly Long Haul Trucker (Kat)

• Cargo Net (Each)

• Camelbak Podium Ice Water Bottle (each)

• Ellite 1L Water Bottle (each)

• Bike Buddy Bottle Cage, (Primus Fuel Bottle Kept Here)

• Cateye Strada Wireless Bike Computer (each)

Inner Tube Hand Break (each)

• Bell (each)

• Very Small Rear Light, (each)

• Brooks Saddle Covers


Ortlieb Back Roller Plus Panniers (each)

Ortlieb Front Roller Plus Panniers (each)

• Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Plus Bar Bag (each)

• Ortlieb Map Holder

• Kappa 30L Warterproof Rack Bag

• Selection of Exped Dry Bags

• Cloth Shopping Bag

Tools and Spares

Lezyne HP Micro Floor Drive Pump

• Spare Spokes, (Both Sides – -Rear)

• Park Tool Tyre Leavers

• Rags

• Cable Ties

• Park Tools IB-2 Multi Tool

• Spoke Key

• Toothbrush, (for chain cleaning)

• Small Adjustable Spanner

• Chain Tool

• Park Tool 15mm Cone Wrench, (to be used as peddle wrench)

• Fibre Spoke

• Magic Plastic

• Spare Nuts and Blots

• The Stein Mini Cassette Lock

• Spare Cleats

• Spear Beak and Gear Cables

• Puncture Repair Kit

• Lytham Grease, (Small Tub)

• Spare Chain, (SRAM PC 971)

• Break Pads, (SwissStop Green)

• Green Oil

• Spare Schwalbe Marathon Extreme Tyres

• Shimano 9 Speed CS-HG61 Cassette

• 2 Spear Inner Tubes

Camping Stuff

Terra Nova Voyager XL Tent, (In Coleman Waterproof Bag)

Terra Nova Voyager XL Groundsheet (used more for sitting on)

• Mountain Hardwear Lamina 35 Sleeping Bag (each)

• Sea to Summit Silk Inner Sheet (each)

• Thermarest Medium Camp Pillow (each)

• Thermarest Trek Mat

• Exped Synmat 7

• Petzel Tikka 2 Head Torch

Stretchy Washing Line

• Quick Dry Towel, (each)


• Shampoo

• Soap

• Wet Wipes

• Toilet Paper

• Small Mirror

• Razor

• Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste

• Hair Brush

• Moisturiser


Primus Omnifuel Stove, (and kit)

• Cheap Disposable Lighter

• Optimus Terra 3 Piece Cookset

Ortileb 4L Water Bags, (x2)

• Small Chopping Board

• Small Chefs Knife, (with Sheath)

• Small Wooden Spatula

• Sea to Summit Spork

• Knife Fork and Spoon

• Plastic Bowl (each)

• Smart Cafe Coffee Mug, (each)

Ortlieb Folding Sink 10L

• Washing up Liquid

• Washing Sponge

• Tea Towel

• Spice Box, (little Tupperware containers for keeping oli, herbs, spices, etc)

• Food Saver Clips

• Swiss Army Knife, (Spartan)

Phil's Stuff

• Gore Bikewear Packlite Shell

Specialized BG Pro Glove

• SealSkinz Long Finger Gloves

• Sunglasses, (Polarized)

• Assos Casquette

• Icebreaker Beany

• Shimano M122 Cycling Shoes

• Terra Plana Evo Running Shoes

• Long Arcteryx Trousers

• Icebreaker 150 T-Shirt, (x2)

• Icebreaker 150 Long Sleeved T-Shirt

• Cycling Shorts, (x2)

• Rapha Tour Shorts

• Rapha ¾ Length Shorts

• IceBreaker Socks, (x2)

SealSkinz Waterproof Socks

• Icebreaker Underwaer, (x2)

• Buff

• Running Shorts

• Icebreaker 260 Jumper

• Swimming Shorts

Kat's Stuff

Gore Bike Wear Alp X Waterproof Jacket

Specialized BG Pro Glove

• Altura Long Fingered Gloves

• Sunglasses, (Polarized)

• Specialized Tahoe Cycling Shoes

• Terra Plana Neo Running Shoes

• Birkenstock Sandals

• Icebreaker Socks, (x2)

SealSkinz Waterproof Socks

• Long Trousers

• Cycle Shorts, (x2)

• Over Shorts

• Icebreaker Underwear, (x2)

• Icebreaker 150 Singlet

• Icebreaker 150 T-Shirt

• Icebreaker 150 GT T-Shirt Long Sleeved

• Icebreaker 260 Jumper

• 2 Sports Bras

• Buff

• Swimming Costume

• Cap

Misc Stuff

• Small First Aid Kid

• Water Purification Tabs, (for emergency)

• Space Blanket

Gaffa Tape

• Sewing Kit

• Repair Spares and Patches for Camping Gear – small amount, (Gortex, Tent, Ortlieb, Thermarest, Primus)

• A Book Each

• Cannon Powershot G12 Camera, (inc Spare Battery and Memory Card)

• Mobile Phone

• Small Netbook Computer

• Silva Compas

• Bear Mace

• Pen

• Highlighter Pen, (for Maps)

• Leatherman Blast Multitool

• Diary/Notebook

• Sunscreen

• Point It Book

Phrase Book

• Multi-Vitamins

Ear Plugs

• Lip Balm

5 comments to Our Gear

  • Great gear list! I like the categories and the links. I’m curious about how you would modify it based on your tour so far. What is on the list you would remove, and what isn’t on the list you would add? What is the most unexpectedly useful item you brought? Do you feel you brought too much? Too little? Great site. Thanks, Jason.

  • Phil

    Hey Jason – great questions. That sounds like it needs a post of its own… in fact, stay tuned!

  • Phil

    In the meantime – this post might answer your question about unexpected useful items – 11 things you never thought you’d need on a bike tour

  • Nathaniel

    Ha! Specialized Tahoes are what I peddle in (and do other things in too), though my feet start to go numb around 30 or 40 miles, no matter what I try. Been thinking about picking up a pair with stiffer soles for the really long miles. Has Kat had an issue with these shoes?

    Tremendous site. Thanks for sharing what you guys do. Great stuff, very informative and fun.

  • Phil

    Hey Nathaniel,

    They are a fine touring shoes, (not looking too ‘bike’ helps a bit I think). Kat didn’t have any problems with hers, but now that you ask I had some foot pain with my Shimano shoes before leaving the UK. I ended up getting some Specialized foot beds which solved the problem… don’t know if that is any use to you.

    Stiffer soles might be a better option anyway to be honest – better power transfer and all that. We’d probably go with stiffer shoes on the next big trip.

    And thanks! It’s always nice to hear positive feedback!

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