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Legal & Affiliate Stuff

Legal Gubbins

This may seem daft, but you do get some crazies out there who like to sue people for no dam reason at all, so, here goes.

All opinions, reviews and advice on this site, (www.cycletouringreview.com) are a reflection of our personal experiences and should not be taken as definitive, concrete professional advice.

The content contained on this site, (www.cycletouringreview.com) is intended to inform and entertain; however, please note that you follow our guidance and routes or make purchases based on our gear reviews entirely at your own risk. We accept no responsibility for any harm that may result to your persons, liberty, equipment or wallet.

The bottom line here is that we write this site because we love cycle touring and want to share our experiences; if that helps you out then fantastic! But please don’t take anything we say to be the gospel truth, (it’s only our opinion) and don’t come crying to us if things go wrong. Great. Good. All friends still? Fantastic.

Affiliate Information

Many of our gear review pages contain ‘affiliate links’ to shopping sites, (such as wiggle, Cotswold Outdoor, Etc). We do this as a way of generating a small revenue from the site to help keep us rolling. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and it helps us to keep publishing articles, reviews and stories that you hopefully find useful.

All of are reviews are based on our genuine experience of the products we test and are in no way bias toward inciting a purchasing decision; if we think something is rubbish we will say so; likewise we aren’t afraid to heap praise on products we think are ace!

All clear? Nice. If you do have any further questions you can always drop us an email at cycletouringreview@gmail.com.