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Iranian Copyright Infringement Awesomeness

So yeah, Iran doesn’t give a shit about international copyright law or IP… they will straight up use, abuse and mutilate any logo or character they feel like. I realise that this isn’t unique to Iran, but I did seem some awesome examples here… including some quite relevant bike related ones. Enjoy!

Esfahan had some awesome knock-off bikes and parts:

Fake Brooks Saddle

Wow - they must have the super deluxe Brooks saddle


I would kill a man, in front of his own mamma, for a Cannondell bike

Font theft is also popular:

Disney Font Ripoff

"Westerners love that cartoon mouse... put that font on there"

Not sure if this was fake but it sure was crap:

Spiderman Icecream Package

Spider Man, Spider Man, does whatever an ice-cream can

Melty Spiderman

Spiderman... er... you don't look so good - maybe you should lie down

It’s half inflated Kitty!

Not Quite Hello Kitty

Not Quite Hello Kitty

And the best car decals ever…

King Cowboy Pokemon Federal Gladiator Injetion Super Salon Nevedared

King Cowboy Pokemon Federal Gladiator Injection Super Salon Nevedared

1 comment to Iranian Copyright Infringement Awesomeness

  • Negeen

    Haha love the logos! I’m Iranian-American and must eat that delicious Spiderman ice cream each time I visit! lol xD Hope you enjoy your stay in Iran! :)

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